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Red440 is a pop band with a blend of musical styles.  Red440’s debut album “Everyone’s Expendable” is a refreshing mix pop, rock, dance, blues, and R&B.       

Welcome to Red440 Productions. Meet Red440's lead vocalist, Kris (left), our producer, James (Center), and guitarist, Mike (right); although not shown in photograph, Red440's Executive Producer and consultant is Frank Palombi.                                                                          

                                                                                 Photographs by James Bland, James Bland Photography 


Meaning of Red440

Pronounced “Red-four-forty”J


The meaning of Red440 is embedded with the meaning of the word “synesthesia” and that the color red is 40 octaves (40 times) the “A” below middle “C” on a piano/Keyboard.




Synesthesia pertains to people who can hear, feel, or taste a color and see or smell a sound. However, this sensory mingling can occur in other forms, such as taste and feel.  So as it relates to Red440, there are people who can see a color and hear a sound.


Before we connect some dots and make a connection we need a little science lesson, bear with us, this is not for the faint in heartJ:


Many people are familiar with “middle C” on a piano/keyboard (also called C4) which is in the middle of the piano/keyboard (or the “C” between the treble and bass staffs).


The “A” note above that “C” is typically tuned to concert tuning where that “A” vibrates at 440 cycles per sec (or called Hertz “Hz”).  The “A” an octave higher would then vibrate at twice that rate or 880 Hz.  The next “A” an octave higher would then vibrate at twice that rate, or 1760 Hz.  This doubling of frequency continues for each octave above “A”.


Human hearing typically range from about 20 to 20,000 Hz (more precisely 64 to 23,000 Hz). However, the upper hearing range of a dog is 45,000 Hz, that of a cat is 64,000 Hz, a mouse 91,000 Hz, a bat 110,000 Hz, and a beluga whale 123,000 Hz.  The higher octaves of “A” continue to increase above 20,000 Hz even though it is above the human hearing range.  Even though humans can not hear these sounds, some animals as listed above, can.


Above the sound wave is the electromagnetic spectrum. Radio and TV waves are in the frequency range of 50 MHz – 1,000 M Hz (M = 1,000,000), next is microwaves, then thermal IR, then Infra-red, then visible light where red is 430 trillion Hz to violet at 750 trillion Hz (red, to orange, to yellow, to green, to blue, to violet).


Putting it all together, I know, finally!


If we double that original “A” at 440 Hz in octaves 40 times, we get the frequency 4.83 x E14, or 483,000,000,000,000.  That is 483 trillion (T) Hz.  This falls in the color spectrum of red to violet above.  The color red is 400 – 484 THz (although, the upper range varies slightly depending on which chart is used). 


The color red is 40 octaves (40 times) the “A” above middle “C” on a piano/Keyboard.  Now we can see a relationship between sound and color; and, further, every note is associated with a color.


Famous people with synesthesia:

Duke Ellington, Billy Joel, Edie Van Halen, and Stevie Wonder;

And outside of music: Nikola Tesla and Vincent Van Gogh among countless others.


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