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What is spotify? Spotify is a free streaming service (or optional paid premium service) for albums and radio stations (which can be user created if desired), similiar to Pandora and Rhapsody; However, it allows independant artist, like ourselves, much more interaction with our fans than other music streaming sites. 


If you select a Spotify link or Follow button below and you get the message "No user logged in"; then please log into your Spotify account where provided.  


If you do not have a Spotify account:  Spotify is a free streaming service (or paid if you do not want the commercials, similar to Pandora).  They will ask for you user name/ Password/ email/ and Date of Birth (or your Facebook account), then download you a free app.

Why would we want you to listen to our free streamed music and follow us on Spotify?


As mentioned above, Spotify allows independent artist, like our self, along with major top artist much more interactions with our fans. 


Currently, Red440's music can be heard by selected Red440 for album play, or integrating Red440 within a playlist.  In order to get a CD played on Spotify Radio the computer algorithms look at what people listen to alongside the artist (eg., Red440)... and they need a lot of data points!


In Simple terms... Fans, we need your help getting our songs on Spotify Radio.  If you like our music and would also like to hear our songs on Spotify Radio, which will lead to other radio play on other stations, then:


- Select our playlist and listen to our music along with other top artist (see link below);

- Creat your own playlist with Red440's songs integrated within it;

- Share, share, and share some more... your playlist and our playlist (Within Spotify: "Share"   or right click);

- Follow us on Spotfy by selecting the Spotify Follow button below;


- Follow us/Like us on Facebook and Twitter (below and to the right):


All be it somewhat subjective, Spotify is fun, user friendly, socially friendly, and helps in finding new music and artist... and free.



To hear a playlist created by Red440 on Spotify that has Red440's music integrated within the playlist along with other top playing pop songs: 

Red440's Pop Flow Playlist



To hear Red440's music in Spotify, click the link:


Red440 – Everyone's Expendable


To folow us on Spotify:

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We are on iTunes, Rhapsody, Spotify, CD Baby, and many more.


Search for "Red440".


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